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What questions should i ask a potential listing agent?

What is my home worth? I will inspect your home and prepare a written comparative market analysis.

What is your marketing plan? Not only will I put up a sign, brochures and put your home on the Spokane Multiple Listing Service (MLS), I will create a virtual tour, put your home on multiple websites, submit full color advertising to various print media and communicate with you weekly. One marketing plan does not fit all homes. I will customize your plan according to my expertise, and your needs and wants.

How long is the listing agreement? A 90- to 120-day listing is reasonable for marketing your home depending on the season. If for any reason you are unhappy with me you can cancel our contract at any time.

How many listings do you have? Find out how many listings the agent now has and how many she normally sells. Too many listings ? more than a dozen ? with a low sales rate, may not be a good sign. I will try to keep my listings at or under 15 at a time. At 15 listings I am able to keep on top of everything.

Do you have references? Ask for the names and phone numbers of recent home sellers. Call them and ask if they were satisfied with the level of service delivered by the agent. I have many references available. You can also see my client testimonials.

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