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Buying a home is likely to be the largest purchase you'll ever make, but doesn't also have to be the most nerve-wracking experience you'll ever undertake. A good REALTOR® will be involved every step of the way and be your guide, ally, negotiator, often mediator, tutor and perhaps life-long friend.

A good REALTOR® will get involved early to help you navigate financing, from choosing a good lender and program to pre-qualifying for an amount you can comfortably carry.

Perhaps most associated with a REALTOR® is the home search process. A good REALTOR® will be patient and help you find the best home for you, without regard to how much time that may take or their financial stake in it. Mine is not the sole source of income in our household, so you will never feel me pressure you into something that is not a good fit. I can afford to wait for the search to move at your pace.

A good REALTOR® will also stay engaged late in the process, even after the offer is written, helping you through inspection and appraisal, and renegotiating, if necessary, based on those findings.

Referrals and return-customers account for approximately 80% of my business. These people believe I am one of the good REALTOR®s. Call me and let me prove it!

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Being an informed buyer could mean the difference between thousands in savings or expenses & heartache. Being informed can also help with your comfort level when making such a large purchase. Please feel free to take advantage of the information I have carefully collected over the years.


  • Home Price Comparison Index
    The Home Price Comparison Index compiled by Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC allows you to quickly approximate how much your home might cost in any of over 340 markets across North America.

  • Coldwell Banker Mortgage Resources
    Look here for answers to almost any question you may have about the financing of your home. You'll find easy to use calculators and informative articles in our Tools and Knowledge sections below. When you're ready to explore your loan options contact Coldwell Banker Mortgage for a fast, free loan decision in just minutes, online.

  • Moving Checklist
    A time-based checklist to help plan for and improve your moving experience.

  • Packing Tips
    Reduce moving headaches and hassles by following these professional tips for packing big things, little things, even awkward things such as plants, mirrors, and transporting pets.

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